What is the Difference between a Theme Park and an Amusement Park?

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Often we bug our heads on trivial things and eventually get unnecessary headaches. Trust me, this is one of those times, trying to find the difference between a theme park and amusement park is like trying to find the difference between slim pasta and golden penny pasta.

The point is they are both kinds of pasta, they are both carbohydrate food, they are both prepared in the same way. However, they differ in their sizes, and one gets cooked faster than the other.

The insignificant difference, right! Exactly my thought, so why disturb yourself about the difference. But if you are still curious and love to check out every tiny detail as I do then come along let me show you the slight difference between a theme park and amusement park.


Firstly let’s discuss the size. Generally, theme parks are always larger than amusement parks. While this is partly because the story is told in themes in a theme park hence, there is a need for ample space for the storytelling and the audience.

A theme park incorporates the typical rides found in parks as part of their stories to capture the audience into the moment. Also, California Park been the first theme park is used as a standard to construct every other theme park; hence, the size is always larger than amusement parks. And the tradition of bringing a backpack and other stuff to the park.


Since theme parks tell stories in themes, the venue is always divided into sections. And each part is designed to tell a different story. While amusements parks are built in a unified form, hence they are not divided into sections.


If you want the thrill don’t go to a theme park, go to an amusement park. Because of the roller coasters and other joy rides, people find more thrill at the amusement park.

Most kids would rather go to an amusement park instead of a theme park. Although theme parks are now using new themes to thrill their audience, the excitement never stops at an amusement park.


Storytelling is a tradition at theme parks and not dazzling technology like the amusement park. Theme parks use established characters and a linear narrative to tell their stories, and they stick with a specific theme. While an amusement park uses loud noises, scream of riders and other attractive rides to thrill their audiences.


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